KRISO Paves the Way for Convergence Education between Science and Humanities with KCEF 2016

□ The Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (“KRISO” hereinafter, President Suh, Sang-hyun) will host a convergence education festival (“KCEF 2016” hereinafter).

□ As the importance of STEAM, a form of convergence-oriented education that combines various academic fields – Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Art (A), and Mathematics (M) – becomes increasingly greater, so does the need for developing a program combining humanities and science to nurture talented individuals of the future.

□ To keep up with this trend, KRISO organized KCEF 2016 to cultivate collective competency of its staff members and to contribute to nurturing creative talent for the future by combining KRISO’s existing program for humanities education with the educational donation program for marine science.

□ KCEF 2016 will be held from Monday, August 8 to Thursday, August 11, 2016 and will feature a marine science classroom, a visit to research facilities, and special lectures on humanities. Those who complete the entire educational program will receive a certificate, and anyone can participate in a post-festival essay contest, winners of which will be given the KRISO Presidential Award.

□ KRISO offers a forum for convergence education to support cultivation of talented individuals of the future by organizing a marine science classroom for middle school students and offering special lectures on humanities that are open to anyone. KRISO officials said that the institute will play a stronger role in fostering education donation and perform its functions as a public organization by continuously developing and operating similar educational programs in the future as well.

□ For more information on the festival, please visit KRISO’s website (www.kriso.re.kr), or contact KRISO directly via email (kriso@kriso.re.kr) or phone (042-866-3114).