KRISO Signs Joint Research Agreement with KIRO for Underwater Robot Development

– Fostering cooperation in infrastructure and technology exchange in the field of underwater robotics –

□ The Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (“KRISO” hereinafter, President Suh, Sang-hyun) and Korea Institute of Robot and Convergence (“KIRO” hereinafter, President Park Cheol-Hyu) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for cooperation in underwater robot research on Thursday, August 18, 2016 at KRISO.

□ With this MOU, KIRO, Korea’s sole research institute dedicated to robot research, and KRISO, with ample R&D experience in the field of underwater robotics, have agreed to join forces in combining underwater robotics with cutting-edge robot and convergence technology in order to lay a foundation for expanding the human and industrial infrastructure needed to take the existing underwater robotics to the next level.

□ KRISO, in particular, aspires to seek new convergence technology for underwater robots and to secure a foundation for commercializing underwater robotics by combining relevant technologies that have been accumulated from developing several underwater robot platforms including HEMIRE, Crabster, and MineRo over the past three decades, with KIRO’s own advanced robot convergence technology and various models of cooperation with private businesses. To this end, the two institutes will start holding regular seminars among their experts to foster technology exchange.

□ “If we at KRISO can combine our research prowess in underwater robotics accumulated over the years with KIRO’s advanced robot convergence technology, we can play an important role in raising Korea’s standing as a leading nation of underwater robotics. I am looking forward to seeing stronger research capabilities at both KRISO and KIRO in terms of underwater robotics, as well as more vigorous exchange between the two institutes,” said President Suh of KRISO.