KRISO’s Research Earns Recognition as One of 100 Outstanding Research Achievements of Korea

– Hwang Ho-jin, Senior Researcher at KRISO, developed an “integrated solution for simulation-based production for ships and offshore plants” –

□ The Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering (“KRISO” hereinafter, President Suh, Sang-hyun) successfully developed an integrated solution for simulation-based production exclusively for ships and offshore plants. The new solution is expected to help solidify Korea’s position to become the world’s leader in shipbuilding and offshore plants.

□ KRISO announced that the solution, whose development was led by Senior Researcher Hwang Ho-jin, had been selected as one of the 100 outstanding R&D achievements in 2016 by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) of Korea.

◦ Since 2006, MSIP has been selecting and awarding 100 outstanding R&D projects each year to boost the self-esteem of those in the fields of science and technology and to promote the achievements of national R&D efforts, as well as to raise awareness among the public on the importance of science and technology.

□ This year, KRISO had the honor of becoming a five-time winner of the award for producing outstanding R&D outcomes since 2006. KRISO, as a government-funded institute dedicated to research on ships and offshore plants, has been performing a leading role in technology development in relevant fields while contributing to the development of the ships and offshore plant industry. Former winners of the award are as follows:

※ 1) 2006 / Development of the Deep-sea Unmanned Underwater Vehicle for Oceanographic Research and Survey / Lee Pan-mook

2) 2008 / Development of Two-Way Underwater Communication Handset / Lim Yong-kon

3) 2008 / Development of Oil Recovery Technique from a Sunken Ship / Choi Hyeok-jin

4) 2013 / Verification of Korea’s First Large-Scale Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage / Heo Cheol

□ Hwang had worked on the project to develop the integrated solution for simulation-based production exclusively for ships and offshore plants for five years from April 2010 before it was selected as one of 100 winners for this year in the information and electronics category.

□ This integrated solution identifies potential issues through simulation and addresses them beforehand to ensure efficient and safe building of ships and offshore plants. The outcomes of this research are anticipated to help foster a safe environment for production and shipbuilding, and will bring about cost savings, enhanced productivity, and shorter shipbuilding time through validation of new shipbuilding techniques.

□ This research, in which five institutes and businesses including Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction participated, has produced significant outcomes: 40 patent applications and 7 patent registrations have been made so far, while 62 research papers have been published and one technology transfer project has been completed.

□ “Due to the nature of the shipbuilding and offshore plant industry that involves heavy and large-size facilities, an accident due to engineering error or miscalculation could result in massive casualties and financial losses. We can now identify potential issues through simulation and solve them beforehand, thereby preventing accidents from happening,” says Hwang. He added, “Plans are underway to conduct a follow-up research project to tailor the system to small- to medium-sized shipyards that are undergoing difficulties due to a recession in the shipbuilding industry, in conjunction with other projects designed to support small and medium businesses.”

□ The award ceremony for the winners of the outstanding research outcomes in 2016 will be held this Thursday on the 7th at 14:00 at the Imagination Hall on the ground floor of the Gwacheon National Science Museum.